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Christmas Wishlist Angels Campaign Angel Signup

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About The Program

What family size would you prefer? (*) (Remember: each child will receive 3 items.)
Do you prefer a Target Wishlist, Amazon Wishlist, or Walmart Registry?
Are you comfortable making posts on social media (Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter, TikTok) about a family experiencing hardship and in need of a Christmas miracle? (*)
Are you aware the families we represent are marginalized? (*)
If a child needs a bed from Amazon or Walmart, are you comfortable with that being on their list? (*) (Beds and mattress are typically under $250.)
Are you aware that you are responsible for filfilling the complete list by sharing it on social media and encouraging family and friends to purchase gifts? (*)
Are you aware that each child on your list will have three items for Christmas, unless they need a bed or an electronic device? (*) (Note: If a family changes their list, please notify us immediately.)
Are you okay with making sure all gifts are shipped directly to the registry address? Each wish list and registry has a shipping addresses attached to send gifts directly to the family or shelter.
Do you have any comments or questions?

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If you are unable to fulfill a family wish list for any reason, please contact the foundation immediately at [email protected].

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